Marybelle Aguilar

1st Grade Teacher

Marybelle Aguilar is in her 6th year as a 1st grade teacher. Her professional career in education has spanned 26 years. In her early years, she worked as a crossing guard with Mesa Public Schools. Shortly after this, she began a new role as an ESL assistant. In her own personal learning experiences, she was an ESL student, so her passion for ESL grew stronger while she was in this impactful role. She graduated from ASU and has her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood. She was also in the TELAC (Teaching English Learners Academic Content) program while at ASU. She has taught ESL to adult learners for eight years, and is currently teaches English for the Chicago Minor Leagues. She loves to dance, and because of this, she was inspired to lead a Ballet Folklorico group where she danced and taught dances to adults. Because of her passion for dance, she offered a Ballet Folklorico Club at her former school, and the kids loved it. She strives to help students identify their passions in life. It is important to her to guide young learners toward developing an individual plan that utilizes their education as they accomplish their goals. She is excited for all of the opportunities that education brings, and she looks forward to discovering all these opportunities as she works with your child this school year.
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